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Ortho Wire Bending that truly works (With Eng subtitle for Non-Thai dentist )

What I will learn?

  • ✅ Learn how to select size of wire that is suitable for making a desired loop and also necessary pliers.
  • ✅ Learn tips and technic that are easy to follow and truly work
  • ✅ All clips get Eng subtitle, so there is no language barrier.
  • ✅ Q&A chat box in website
  • ✅ Course creator is orthodontist who has been practicing ortho for more than 20 yrs, 5000 successful cases.

Course Curriculum

EP.1 : Instruments and armamentariums

  • Instruments and armamentariums

EP.2 : Omega loop

EP.3 : T Loop

EP.4 : L loop

EP.5 : Torque bending on stainless steel wire

EP.6 : Reverse curve stainless steel wire

EP.7 : Making an ortho archform from straight stainless steel wire

EP.8 : Sliding jig

EP.9 : 1st and 2nd order bend

EP.10 : Ballista loop

EP.11 : Artistic bend

EP.12 : Adam ‘s clasp

Ep.13 : Uprighting molar with cantilever spring

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Material Includes

  • 11 short clips that demonstrate wire bending with dentoform and study model, also include some shot in dental clinic. Students will see how the certain loop is supposed to be in exactly position in oral cavity.